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23 Methods To Save Cash On Pet Bills

Whether you've been a mom cat for ages or are a first-time dog owner, it's no surprise the costs add up. A 2019 survey found that nearly one in four American pet owners is into pet debt. Therefore, being aware of pet-related spending habits is critical to financial health. With many families adding new pets to their lives during the pandemic, they may be wondering how to make pet care budget-friendly.

From DIY goodies to finding discounted toys and training programs, we wanted to round up some easy ways to save money as a pet owner. With a little thought ahead and creativity, you don't have to jeopardize your budget to happily look after an animal companion. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save on pet costs, which is a serious, long-term financial commitment. With our tips we will help you give your pet the love and care it deserves.

1) Be your pet's trainer

Have you ever thought about training your pet yourself? Try cutting down on certain ancillary bills like you would with a professional trainer and see if you can divert that money into a course to help you learn pet training skills. You'll save in the long run and improve your own skills while you're at it.

2) Browse for better pet food

So many pet owners pointlessly pay too much for animal feed. It's time to be more attentive through couponing and shopping. You could save hundreds in just a few months.

3) Buy in bulk and store properly

Purchasing pet food and other products in bulk is doing your wallet a big favor. The only caveat is that improper storage can cause things to spoil faster (which ends up costing you more). So be careful and store strategically.

4) Browse Pet Insurance

More comprehensive grooming at a fair price is not only better for your budget, but also for your pet's health. Try a price comparison tool like to find the best prices.

5) Don't Pay Too Much for Pet Medicines

There are numerous resources and websites available to help you save on your pet's medication. You can find great prices, coupons, and discounts on sites like 1-800-PetMeds or RetailMeNot. There may also be local pet stores or regular pharmacies in your area that sell the medicines you need for your pet at a cheaper price. Invest the extra time researching these options and take advantage of them.

6) Keep your pet fit and healthy

The healthier your pet, the happier they will be and the more you will save in the long run. Taking preventative measures to reduce the number of vet visits is always the right step. Even if your pet is a little older, you should make an effort to make sure they get enough exercise on their day. Try creative ways to get exercise such as: B. to set up a fun obstacle course in your living room or garden.

7) Strategically plan your pet's vaccination schedule

Did you know knowing how to stay up to date on your pet's vaccination schedule can save you money? Depending on your area, there may be mobile veterinary clinics, sometimes operated by well-trained veterinary students. These types of clinics often offer vaccines and other veterinary services at a lower cost. Whichever choice you make, be sure to speak with your veterinarian to make sure you are not behind on getting your pet's vaccines.

8) Neuter or neuter your pet as soon as possible

Spaying or neutering your pet should be a breeze to help your pet budget. You can save a huge amount of money in the long run if you consider the potential costs associated with having an unmodified pet.

9) Don't neglect dental care

Dental costs can be very expensive if you neglect routine care. No matter what type of pet you have, there are tools, toothpaste, or chewable tablets that are recommended to keep up with their health. You may not want to spend the money upfront on these type of products, but you will save yourself hundreds or even thousands by avoiding emergency dental procedures.

10) Find affordable boarding options

It can be difficult to find a place for your pet that you trust and that is also reasonably priced. Fortunately, with some research and shopping, you can find something that suits your needs. Or why not exchange a favor with a family member or friend who can see them for free?

Pet savings boarding options

11) Find an inexpensive groomer

Have you visited the same overpriced groomer for years just because he's the most comfortable? For a change, you're probably long overdue. Ask friends who they are using – or better yet, invest in a grooming kit and learn how to do it yourself.

12) Reduce the hiring of animal sitters / walkers

Whether you're changing your schedule, waking up earlier, or weighing pet responsibilities with family and friends, there are definitely ways to cut your spending in this area. Plan ahead and your wallet will thank you.

13) Rely less on pet daycare

You may think that a pet daycare is an ideal place for your pet to interact with other animals, but you can save an astronomical amount by socializing your pet yourself. If you have a puppy, try to come to the dog park more often and shorten the days at the dog day care center.

14) Rearrange your pet exam space

Don't fall in love with the marketing tricks of pet-specific enclosures that you can easily get hold of if you move around in some furniture. Save on expensive pet fences by getting creative. You can also likely use items like plastic containers to act as natural barriers to specific areas.

15) Create your own pet beds and furniture

In the same way that you can manage to keep your home safe from pets, you can create cozy spaces for your pet with some simple DIY projects too. A popular example is flipping a side table or chair and reusing it into a pet bed. It's incredible when you calculate how much you can save on overpriced animal-specific pieces.

16) Make your own pet clothes

Pet clothing, whether for practical use or fashion, is irresistibly cute. Have you ever thought about making your pet's clothes yourself? For example, there are tons of ways to transform a t-shirt into an adorable outfit for a dog or cat. Even if you don't have a knack for sewing, it's fun to try and you can perfectly customize your creations to suit your pet's preferences.

17) Join the pet store's loyalty clubs

Chances are your pet store is rewarding loyalty, and you might not even realize it. Whether you shop in person or online, do your research to make sure you benefit from sales, discounts, and other promotions.

18) Use a pet supplies price comparison tool

Have you ever used pet supplies price comparison tools? You probably already know these apps and websites for other items in your budget, but don't forget to use them for pet grooming as well.


19) Create your own pet toys

Show your creative side and use simple household items to make fun toys for your pet. You can skip the eye-catching accessories in the animal boutique (though they are hard to resist!)

20) Make DIY Pet Treats

Skip the expensive gourmet goodies with the terrifying price tag. Your pet will be healthier and happier with simple DIY treats. There are tons of free recipes online to experiment with as long as you use safe ingredients. Also, this is great if your pet has a sensitive stomach – you will know exactly what to add and remove from the recipe.

21) Seasonally prepare for your pet

Another way to help your pet (and your wallet) is to avoid the negative consequences of not preparing your pet for different seasons. Whether on vacation or in the summer heat, there are seasonal ways to prepare your pet to be safe and comfortable in a variety of circumstances. You'll also avoid costly, stressful visits to the vet.

22) Invest in Pet Safety

When choosing to invest in your pet, make sure that safety is a top priority. It is worth every penny to spend more on a smart collar that will last your pet's life (and keep you safe).

23) Proactively check in with your veterinarian

Did you know that one in three American pets needs emergency veterinary care every year? Given the high cost of veterinary visits, it is advisable to schedule regular checkups to avoid urgent treatment. This, of course, is better for your pet's health too!

No matter what type of pet you have, there are ways to save your expenses and be smart. Read our advice below to avoid spending too much as a pet owner.

As a pet owner, are you overpaid?

Being a pet owner is one of the funnest and most rewarding roles. Your life wouldn't be the same without them, but there's no doubt that pets can get expensive. If you're trying to keep bills and other expenses down as much as possible to meet your financial goals, our tips should help you cut pet costs.

Instead of falling into the trap of overpaying for fancy pet gadgets, understand that you can still provide the best care possible without breaking the bank. When considering becoming a pet owner, consider an inexpensive pet companion that is cheaper than a cat or dog. With a little extra planning and creativity, you can support your pet and put your hard-earned money where you need it most.


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