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10 of immediately's top-side hustles for creatives paying as much as $ 150 an hour

13, 2021

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More than 57 million Americans took part in sideline businesses in the past year, a trend that will only increase as wage stagnation continues and the income gap has widened. Unsurprisingly, more work has helped many Americans find greater financial independence and comfort. These days, it's easy to start a sideline when you have ready-to-use skills. Check out some of these courses that can help you get started in some of the most popular and lucrative sideline jobs today.

We've met ten trendy sideline jobs for creatives with their respective hourly rates for US-based freelancers at Upwork.

1. Copywriter – $ 35- $ 60 / hr

Copywriters do everything. From social media and digital ads to blog posts and emails, copywriters are essential elements of any marketing campaign. Learn how to write with the best in the Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle. In this modern training, you will learn how to write for every popular marketing channel today.

Get the Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle for $ 24.99 (reg. $ 1,000).

2. Sound Designer – $ 30 to $ 60 an hour

Sound designers find great work in venues, working on podcasts, and many more opportunities. They are essential to a new age in audio marketing and you can learn how to become one by using the Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle. You will be introduced to one of the best digital audio workstations today.

Get the full Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials bundle for $ 35.99 (Reg. $ 1,600).

3. Logo Designer – $ 39- $ 70 / hr

Think of some of the most famous brands today. What do they all have in common? A fantastic, unforgettable logo. That is why logo designers are always in demand. The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator Guidebook Certification Bundle will introduce you to Adobe Illustrator and learn how to create amazing digital designs in minutes.

Get the ultimate Adobe Illustrator & # 39; s Guidebook Certification Package for $ 34.99 (Reg. $ 1,447).

4. Photo retouching – $ 35- $ 100 / hr

Photo retouchers are vital for marketing teams as they clean up design assets and make them look as beautiful as possible. They are also valuable assistants to professional photographers. Learn how to seamlessly retouch photos and develop an efficient workflow with Lightroom in the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud training package.

Get the Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud Training Package for $ 25 (Reg. $ 1,200).

5. Product Photographer – $ 45- $ 150 / hr

E-commerce is booming and everyone is selling products online. These companies need great product photography that product photographers are very concerned about. Find out how to take incredible photos in the 2021 Complete Learn to Master Photography & Editing Bundle. This package includes everything from mastering a DSLR camera to mass editing photos.

Get the 2021 Complete Learn to Master Photography and Editing Package for $ 39.99 (Reg. $ 2,985).

6. Creative Writer – $ 35- $ 80 / hr

Granted, "Creative Writer" can mean many things. But in general it means ghostwriters who provide writing services to thought leaders who write memoirs, blogs, articles, etc. who don't have the time to do it themselves. In the Creative Writing Course Bundle, learn how to become a skilled storyteller that everyone would love to hire. You might even get your first novel out.

Get the Creative Writing Course Bundle for $ 39.99 (Reg. $ 802).

7. VFX Specialist – $ 40 to $ 100 an hour

As videos take over the market, people are demanding higher quality videos. This is where VFX specialists come into play. Learn how to create incredible special effects with the ultimate Adobe After Effects Pro bundle. From crazy transitions to stunning visual effects, Adobe After Effects can do it all.

Get the ultimate Adobe After Effects Pro bundle for $ 29.99 (Reg. $ 995).

8. Speech Writer – $ 8- $ 99 / hr

You may not write for the president, but speechwriters make a pretty penny for helping people overcome their public speaking fears with well-written, easy-to-digest speeches. It's a valuable skill that you will learn in the Complete 2021 Public Speaking & Business Communication Bundle. (You will also learn how to overcome your own fear of public speaking.)

Get the full 2021 Public Speaking & Business Communication Bundle for $ 39.99 (Reg. $ 1,791).

9. Video Editor – $ 35- $ 100 / hr

As mentioned earlier, video marketing is more popular today than ever. Who do you think makes all of these sponsored videos you see on social media? Video editors. Learn how to create high-quality video from scratch in the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Package.

Get the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Package for $ 29.99 (Reg. $ 1,194).

10. Script Writer – $ 32- $ 135 / hr

No, it's not just big Hollywood studios that need screenwriters. Companies that actively use video marketing or do a lot of commercials need scriptwriters, which makes it a very lucrative side business. Learn how to write like an Oscar winner in the Ultimate Creative Novel & Screen Writing Academy Bundle. Maybe you just write your Citizen Kane.

Get the ultimate bundle of the Creative Novel & Screen Writing Academy for $ 49.99 (Reg. $ 2,189).

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