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10 Enterprise Abilities For 2021 To Grasp On Weekends

17, 2020

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In business, you should always grow. This also includes learning new skills and trends in your industry. Finding time to grow professionally is hard, but you may find something you can find out with early Black Friday deals on courses in the Entrepreneur Store. We've rounded up some of the top online course deals available right now. If you use code SAVE15NOV at checkout, get them all for an additional 15 percent discount.

Running a Shopify store.

Do you have something to sell? Then you need to be with Shopify. Learn how to build a Shopify empire with the help of the experts in this 30-hour guide to SEO, dropshipping, design, branding, and more.

Get the full Shopify Bootcamp Bundle for $ 25.50 with the Promo Code: SAVE15NOV.

Data analysis

Data analysis helps companies make more informed decisions and grow more purposefully. It is important that every aspiring entrepreneur knows how to work with data. In this 29-hour package, you will learn about Excel, Power BI, Python and other tools that you can use to effectively edit and analyze data.

Get the 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle for $ 25.50 using the promo code SAVE15NOV.

Social media marketing

Grow your business on social media with the help of this huge bootcamp. With over 34 hours of training in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn marketing, you'll learn how to stand out from the noise with every feed. There's even a course on building a complete social media strategy.

Get the 2020 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Certification Package for $ 25.50 with promo code SAVE15NOV.

Design and edit in Creative Cloud apps

Adobe Creative Cloud is the best creative suite on the market. This 8-course package gives you 60 hours of training in Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects and more. Before you know it, you have professional design expertise.

Get the All-in-One Certification Course Package for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for $ 28.90 with Promo Code SAVE15NOV.

Sell ​​on Amazon

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the country for one important reason: It makes it easy for anyone to sell on their platform. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is Amazon's direct shipping program that allows independent sellers to make money through Amazon. In this course, you will learn how to generate passive income with this industrial monster.

Get the Ultimate Amazon FBA & Dropship Master Class Bundle for $ 34 with Promo Code: SAVE15NOV.

Financial analysis

Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs) make big bucks helping individuals and companies successfully manage and grow their finances. As you might expect, to get started in this career, you need quite a unique knowledge. This training will prepare you to pass the Beginner's CFA Certification exam on your first attempt.

Get the All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Pack for $ 34 with Promo Code: SAVE15NOV.


Accounting is difficult, which is why both individuals and companies pay accountants to manage their finances. In this course, you will learn accounting from CPA Robert Steele. Whether you want to better manage your own finances or become a professional accountant, you have the skills you need to be successful. From annual financial statements to calculating the depreciation of assets, you will receive extensive training in accounting.

Get the Ultimate Financial Accounting and CPA Certification Training Package for $ 38.25 with Promo Code SAVE15NOV.

Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization

Google is the world's largest advertising platform, offering digital businesses both paid and organic opportunities. But it's one thing to advertise on Google, it's another thing to make your website completely SEO optimized. In this course, you will learn how to optimize your website for organic traffic and increase traffic through paid efforts.

Get the Ultimate Google Ads & SEO Certification Package for $ 42.50 with Promo Code SAVE15NOV.

Project management

Efficiency is everything in modern businesses, especially in today's economy. In this 10-course package, you'll learn how to complete projects on time and under budget using today's top tools and technology. You will explore Scrum, Agile, PMP, and more.

Get the Project Manager's Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile & PMP for $ 42.50 with promo code: SAVE15NOV.

Computer programming

If you want to learn how to code, there is no better resource than this bundle. In 27 courses you will receive more than 270 hours of training from top teachers such as Rob Percival and Nick Walter. They deal with web and app development, machine learning, software engineering, and much more.

Get the Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Package for $ 51 with the Promo Code: SAVE15NOV.

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